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Webmail FSU (Florida State University) Webmail is an email client service for accessing email anywhere via a web browser. Students must approve using FSUID and password. The web interface allows users to create emails and manage mailboxes and other email related services.

Founded in 1851, Florida State University is the oldest university in the United States. It is one of the most prestigious and popular universities among students and transforms through the education system the student and space to help a bright future with teaching, curriculum and research.

The University of Florida expanded by expanding the science of science, technology, art, humanities and philosophy. All students and staff, teachers and graduate students are the main contributors to the success of the State University of Florida, with three strong business disciplines, and diversity brings universities to the next level of high standards in education.

FSU Webmail | Florida State University Email

Employees in FSU, students, mature and retired people can receive email accounts via FSU Webmail. Different people will have different types of email accounts based on their relationship with the FSU. People can get multiple email accounts if they work in different roles.

The Florida State Webmail University is divided into two parts specifically for students / graduates and staff. To access Webmail, click the button below link https://webmail.fsu.edu/

Student/Alumni Email Service:

FSU has a set of powerful, cloud-based email, Web and collaboration tools that can help you connect with classmates and friends, including:

Cloud-based email – with 50 GB of storage

Spam and Virus Filtering

Integrated calendars – share your calendar with other students and faculty

Anywhere access – access your account from the Web and mobile devices

Mac support – Mac users are able to use Outlook

Every student have his or her official myFSU account at Florida State. It will give access to latest university updates, events, class info etc:

Email addresses for Students

Email accounts are created when FSUID students are enabled.

Students will receive e-mail addresses by name, surname and two-year admission year.

The email address is "FSUIDusername" @ my.fsu.edu. If the email address is already in use, the student can create additional letters.

"[email protected] and the password is used to log in to email.

The user drew his student on the Office 365 e-mail account

2). Employee Mail Service:

An independent mail platform is created for employees and employees. Employees can integrate e-mails with Microsoft services such as Office 365 and access e-mail messages, etc. Everywhere on the desktop, mobile phone or tablet works almost.

100 GB of mailbox space

Spam and spam filtering

Share calendars and mailboxes with colleagues

Sync messages, calendars, and contacts across devices

Desktop - Continue to use Outlook 2013/2016

Create an email address for employees

Employee email addresses are registered at the time of receipt.

Emails are created based on faculty employees, employees 'and pensioners' names and surname.

"FSUIDus name [email protected] will be the format used for email addresses (Example: Donald M Smith would be" [email protected] ").

Login to FSU Webmail:

All users have access to FSU web mail using university credentials For students it is FSUID and password, and for EMP staff identification and passwords: https://my.fsu.edu or

Students must register for the next application,

Enter the student FSUID

Enter password

Click Sign In

Employees must register with the following application form

Enter the student FSUID

Enter password

Click Sign In


It is common for a user to forget his password unfortunately and hard to get a password. To add quick queries and reset your password, click the Enable your FSUID button. To restore your security queries or passwords, click Manage your FSU account.

Reset student login password:

Below is a password reset page on a web page that resets the student's password. Enter your FSUID and birthday and click Continue. You are asked for three security questions and answers that identify you. Enter a new password and re-enter the same password.

Reset employee password Log in:

Below is a web page reset page to reset the employee account password. Enter your EMPID along with the Name and Surname with the date of birth and click Continue. You will be asked and answered three security questions to identify yourself. Enter a new password and re-enter the same password.

Contact Support for Webmail FSU:

If the users having any issues in case of login or anyother issues , the can get helps for ITS helpdesk provided by Florida State University or can call on 850-644-HELP(4357), or they can chat online with the support team also send email with the issues.

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