TCS Webmail Login - [Access to Webmail TCS]

TCS Webmail Login - [Access to Webmail TCS]
TCS Webmail Login - [Access to Webmail TCS]
TCS Webmail is an official email administration for Tata Consultancy Services Limited representatives around the world. TCS has disposed of direct access to the individual administrations and acquired to one stage for the email administrations to every one of the workers.

How to Login to TCS Webmail TCS Webmail is a official email service provided by Tata Consultancy Services.This webmail is only for TCS employees around the world to satisfy the nned of the workers. if you are an employee of TCS then it is very useful plug-in for you.

TCS Webmail Login Page 

TCS Webmail is an email administration given by Tata Consultancy Services. in the event that you are a representative of TCS, at that point it is valuable module for you.

As we probably am aware Tata consultancy administration has moved its webmail behind the VPN, It is making an issue for its workers, as they are not ready to utilize emails outside of the premises. Well here is the answer for the TCS representative. We will assist you with learning How to get to TCS Webmail on a Mobile? is an official connection of the company, which enables its representative to get to emails. Be that as it may, in the event that you needed to utilize the emails outside of the premises, it is bit troublesome.

All things considered, don't stress. We have drilled down a way which will assist you with accessing TCS Webmail on your Android or IOS Mobile.

How to access Webmail TCS

• In request to login TCS webmail page, you need to initially download application called Citrix Receiver on your Android or Apple Mobile

• It is accessible free on Google play store and apple application store.

• Download and introduce the application, after effective Installation, you need to open

• Enter your username and secret phrase on the equivalent and login into the tcs webmail.

After that it will take you to your emails and you can uninhibitedly get to your emails anyplace from your Mobile. It is simple and basic arrangement, which will assist you with accessing your sends from anyplace. There are different alternatives to accessible to get to the TCS Webmail Login Page. Comment on the site in the event that you have are confronting any issue.

TCS Webmail Login – Access TCS Email from Mobile 

In the course of recent months, Tata Consultancy Services has moved its Webmail on a VPN. Presently it is hard to get to TCS webmail outside their frameworks. All things considered, If you are searching for a simple method to get to your Emails on your portable or computer then here is a convenient solution for you.TCS Webmail

How do you log in to TCS Webmail?

Goodbye consultancy administrations have moved their webmailtcs behind the VPN. The purpose behind this relocation can be anything, however it is making a transitory issue for the workers. Starting at now, it is absurd to expect to get to emails outside of the company's premises. Actually you won't probably get to the most recent business related emails from your cell phone.

So what is the welcome?
tcs webmail

There are numerous ways from where you can get to your email over any android or apple gadget.

Access TCS Webmail through Citrix Receiver 

There is an application called Citrix Receiver on App store and Google Play store. Introduce the application on your cell phone. The application is intended to get to your email, work area and other application from your Mobile gadget.

After the effective establishment, open Netscaler Gateway. It is new login page of Tata consultancy administration.

Here you need to utilize your ultimatix qualifications to sign in.

From that point forward, it will take you to webmail through Citrix receiver application.

Here you need to choose Lotus Webmail which will take you to TCS Webmail page.

Enter your webmail username and secret phrase to get to emails on Android or IOS device.Citrix Receiver on App store and Google Play store.

It will assist you with accessing your TCS Emails outside TATA consultancy frameworks from any gadget. Be that as it may, you won't almost certainly get to emails which are more established than three days.

Can we access TCS email outside their systems?

Truly obviously, you can get to the TCS mail out of the TCS. you can simply type,, right off the bat you can affirm which get to you have?

A few people have a webmail access and a few people have just barely TCS mail get to.

Be that as it may, when you get to the TCS mail you don't put on a Google or don't seek on any web crawler, you can simply put in URL and press the enter you can straightforwardly visit to the page.

For getting to the mail you have to put a secret word and email, you simply put your email id as your representative ID and secret key is your area secret phrase, after that you effectively login your TCS mail on your computer or in your PC. or Prior representatives can get to business related emails from It was the official web address of emails of Tata consultancy administrations. In any case, the company has moved this location to another location to offer a superior client experience for its employee.TCS Webmail Login moved to moved to

TCS has made an association with Citrix which will give an impeccable act. Presently client can only open Netscaler Gateway and access the emails. Presently there is no compelling reason to open With the assistance of Netscaler client can login into the webmail with a basic snap.

TCS WebEx 

WebEx is a progressive idea for corporate goliaths. It enables its clients to go to a gathering from anyplace on the planet. A company, for example, Tata Consultancy administrations utilizes this administrations for their representatives as it has a workforce all around the globe. on the off chance that you are a representative of TCS, at that point you can utilize TCS WebEx for your gatherings, video conferencing or to connect with your associate seating some place on the planet. All you have to do is login into TCS Webmail. You can begin utilizing WebEx from your work area or PC.

About WebEx 

It is a Cisco company; WebEx is valuable for online gatherings, video conferencing, online classes, preparing or remote specialized help. It very well may be utilized over all gadgets on the globe.

About TCS 

TCS or Tata Consultancy Services Limited is data Technology Company of India. It has headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a backup of the Tata Group and works in 46 nations. It is one of the greatest IT Company of India, which has in excess of 394,998 workers everywhere throughout the world.

TCS WebMail access to the website.: Example purpose

Techie Name: Johnson Anna
Tech Organization: TCS Limited
Tech Street: PO Box 459
Tech City: Drums
Tech State/Province: PA
Tech Postal Code: 18222
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: 570-708-8780
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:

More TCS Webmail Login Resources: is hosted by TATA Communications

TCS Webmail Helpdesk for Employees:

Every employee in a company treated in a same and equal manner. So thats the reason most of the companies whether it is big or small have this facility to help their employees and users to contact the company for any problem or query through emailing system or by calling them on helpline number.

If You need more information regard any issue, Then you can contact via customer care services, Here you can pick any number where you need to call with specific country and state. You can ask any thing about tcs citrix webmail,

Communicate with technical experts who are ready to help you 24/7 hours. You can ping them with an email on your problem and you will get responded within 24 hours. I hope they will help you to in myapps tcs webmail login.

Toll Free (India): (1-800-225-5827 FREE). 1-800-425-4827 FREE / 1-800-CALL-TCS
Toll-Free (US): 1-877-TCS-INDY (1-877-827-4639 FREE).
Toll-free (UK): 0207-2458000
Voice: Buzz(VoIP): 500 5555 PSTN: 6060 5555 # / 022 – 25188155.
US Toll-Free 1 855 829 8882
Read More Router-login - 192.168.l.l admin login Pass for all any Router Router-login  - 192.168.l.l admin login Pass for all any Router Router-login - 192.168.l.l admin login Pass for all any Router - 192.168.l.l linksys Router login is the IP address that routers, such as Linksys and other network brands, use as an access point or gateway. Organizations were granted access to administrative routers so that network administrators can configure their routers and networks.

Security options, network management, IP QoS, DNS, proxy, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, DSL, ADSL, MAC, WPS unit can handle; Among the others.

How to login Router in 5 easy steps

Accessing your router admin through a 192.168.l.l IP address will allow you to change the settings and configurations that your router software provides.

Click Here or enter into your browser's address bar. Router-login  - 192.168.l.l admin login Pass for all any Router Router-login  - 192.168.l.l admin login Pass for all any Router

If you make a mistake, 19216811 is not the IP address of your router. See your router’s IP address in the next article.

When you know that the IP address of your router will be inserted into the URL of your browser. You are redirected to the user login panel. Enter your router's username and password.

If you have forgotten your username and password, follow these instructions to recover them. If you do not change the default username and password for the router, you can refer to the default username and password list for our router.

If you are in the admin panel of the router, you can edit and change all the Internet settings.

Router login Username and Password List

Default Router Username and Password List
Choose your router from the list below in order to see its default username and password. If you don't know your router's IP address you can check it here

If you haven't changed your router's username and password. The following list provides the default credentials. Click your router from the list below:

Brand Model Protocol Username Password

2WIRE HOMEPORTAL Rev. SBC YAHOO! DSL (none) 2Wire (none)


192.168.l.l admin login page

How to find your router's IP address

If your router encounters problems with (loading or not loading), your network may use another add-on, such as, or In that case check our router IP address list. You can read our tutorial on how to find your router's ip address for further assistance.

Recover Router admin User and Password

Most people forget the username and password of the router. Other people do not know the default router input. Do not worry if you face the same problems. There are many options you can come up with.

Use the Router's Default Username and Password

This is a very simple and highly reliable solution. All routers come with a tag on the router with documents or, in general, their username and password by default. They are usually found on the back of the router or on the bottom.

Look Up the Default Username and Password

If you can not find a tag or documentation with the router's default login information, look for the router in the drop-down menu below. If you look for a serial number or model number for your router, you can get a default login on our database or manufacturer's website.

Choose your router from the list below:

Factory Reset

If you have already changed your password or username, you can reset the router again if you forget it again. If the restart is restarted in the factory settings, the default access and password will be restored. For most routers reset button is too short and can be hard to find. To press for fifteen seconds you will need a pivot, needle, pencil or other thin element. The router factory will retrieve the password

Forward Ports Without a Password

By using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), you can alternatively forward ports without requiring knowledge of the password. Many routers will allow applications to open ports through the router. If you have a UPnP-enabled router, it will automatically open the required ports. To forward ports of your choosing, you can use UPnP PortMapper. This is a more complex solution than the others and may be difficult for beginners to implement.

Find Router IP Address 192168II

So in order to create your router, you need to sign in. To do so, you need to recognize its IP address. Here you can check your default router IP address. An IP address consists of four numbers that are full of numbers. The IP address of the home system begins with 192.168. Routers typically have IP addresses such as or Your gadget or PC is unique in the way you find your router's IP address. Everything here means.


Open the order brief by getting to the inquiry bar and composing 'cmd'. A dark window will show up in which you'll have to type 'ipconfig'. Glance through the outcomes for the default gateway address. IP address  - 192.168.l.l admin login Pass for all any Router


Here are the simplest steps for checking your router's IP:

Click the Apple menu (top of the screen)

Choose 'System Preferences'

Click the 'Network' icon

Choose the relevant network connection

Press the 'Advanced' button

Click the 'TCP/IP' tab to see the IP address on the right of the router

First, navigate to: Applications > System Tools > Terminal and type 'ipconfig'. You will see your router's IP listed beside 'inet addr'.

iPhone iOS

In case of using iOS9 or iOS8, analyze settings> WiFi and snap the currently connected remote system. Refer to the DHCP area to find the IP of your router.


An external application called Wi-Fi Analyzer is the most straightforward strategy for Android gadgets. After entering the application, click on the 'View' menu and select 'AP List'. You will see the following: [network name]. In case you tap on it, a window shows your system's data, including the IP of your router.

Chrome OS

In the taskbar, click the warning area. Next, click on '[Network Name'] in the Run-Up. Snap on your remote system's name and then show the results with the IP address of your router in the 'System' tab.

Default Router IP Address List

Below you can find the IP address of your router. When it finds your router's entry path, type it in the address bar. You need to present your client and secret word login credentials at that time. Even if you are experiencing problems, our training exercise is on the most skilled way to get the IP address of the router.


Linksys E8350 AC2400 Dual Band WiFi router Login

Steps to access the Wi-Fi router to access from the browser to the configuration of the wireless and Internet configuration.

The default IP address of Linksys E8250 is

The default username and password are "admin"

Configuring the PC's IP LAN: convert the LAN port of the PC / laptop to DHCP or use a static IP of the same Exp- series for Laptop LAN

Enter the default Linksys IP address in the Internet browser and use "admin" for your username and password to sign in. The device will reach the configuration page where you will get an option to manage the configuration of WAN, LAN and country on the same page. IP address  - 192.168.l.l admin login Pass for all any Router IP address  - 192.168.l.l linksysadmin login Pass for all any Router IP address  - 192.168.l.l admin login Pass for all any Router
Instead of, which is false, most current devices use 19216811
Router IP Address List
Default Router IP Address List Login to Router Admin.
Default Router Password List
Default Router Username and Password List. Choose your username and password
Recover Router User and pass
Recover Username Password Login to Router Admin.

192.168.l.l Default Router Password List:- IP address  - 192.168.l.l admin login Pass for all any Router

Router Brand

Login IP

Amped Wireless
SMC Networks
U.S. Robotics
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Ikea Sales Leader Jobs in Sales & Commercial dept @Brooklyn NY

Ikea Sales Leader Jobs in Sales & Commercial dept @Brooklyn NY

Ikea Sales Leader Jobs in Sales & Commercial dept @Brooklyn NY 

Family time: it's time to play. Movie time: living room - the center of all. But when you destroy zones, this optimistic bedroom can accommodate everyone. Get to know our very diverse family. They all have their desires and passions that they want to follow. But when it comes to family quality, none of them work well.


• 3 years leadership experience
• Retail sales experience preferred
• Associate’s Degree preferred

Ikea Sales Leader Jobs in Sales & Commercial dept @Brooklyn NY
Ikea Sales Leader Jobs in Sales & Commercial dept @Brooklyn NY

WHAT YOU'LL BE DOING DAY TO DAY Ikea sales leader jobs

• Learn from customers to understand their shopping experience and family life in their market, providing IKEA with excellent branding and recurring shopping opportunities.

• Monitor the daily activities of active sales partners to ensure ongoing customer experience

• Provides knowledge of local products, tools, and resources so that all employees are home furniture specialists.

• Provides partners with IKEA systems

• Monitoring activities for compliance with agreed criteria and goals, if necessary


We serve our customers in our online stores, in our catalog and beyond. We know about IKEA production volumes, local markets and customer needs, and we are constantly looking for new ways to establish real contacts with our customers at the highest level of sales and profitability. Together with thousands of partners around the world, we are a diverse team that works for the ongoing global success of the IKEA concept, which helps millions of customers create their daily lives.


From the deep forests in Sweden, we have spread our culture and values around the world. At the heart of our offer are our beautiful home-furnishing products and solutions, made with care for our planet, reaching millions of customers. At the heart of our business, are our wonderful co-workers representing diversity in all dimen­sions and passionate for life at home. We all contribute with our uniqueness and we want to grow and develop together. Our vision, “to create a better everyday life for the many people” inspires and guides us in everything we do. This is IKEA.


Living our values
Being your unique self, while respecting and including others
A passion for home furnishing
Performing & delivering while learning & developing
Having fun!

Ikea Sales Leader Jobs in Sales & Commercial dept @Brooklyn NY
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Hiring Wegmans Food Restaurant Part Time customer service job @weatwood MA USA

Hiring Wegmans Food Restaurant Part Time customer service job @weatwood MA USA
Wegmans Food Markets Restaurant Foods Part Time Hiring. Applying to this requisition allows you to be considered for multiple opportunities. Please provide as much availability that works with your schedule

Wegmans is now hiring customer service part time jobs for year-round, part-time customer service positions in our Restaurant Foods Areas at our Westwood store!

Wegmans Food Markets Restaurant Foods Part Time Hiring

169 University Ave
weatwood MA

Industry: Restaurant Food

Occupational Category: customer service
Hours: Part Time,
hours per week

Salary: USD
Not mentioned

Description: wegmans
our commitment to customers is simple: Every Day You Get our Best. Customers tell us they choose Wegmans for the helpful people in our stores, help with delicious meals, and the freshest ingredients possible. If you love working with others in a fast-paced & dynamic environment, are passionate about food and trying new things, and would love to make a difference in a customer’s shopping experience, Wegmans is the place for you!

customer service part time jobs at wegmans.jpg
customer service part time jobs at wegmans.jpg
  • Show Interest in companies unique products we offer
  • Show your love for food and share this knowledge with customers
  • Make a difference in a customer's day and the reason they go back to our store
  • It is part of the energy group where you can be the one you love every day
Age requirements:
  • Must be 18 years or older
Experience requirements:
  • love working with others
Desired Skills:
  • Customer satisfaction needed
  • customer’s shopping experience
  • Ability to help with delicious meals, and the freshest ingredients possible
  • passionate about food and trying new things,.
  • Learns quickly.
  • Applying to this requisition allows you to be considered for multiple opportunities. Please provide as much availability that works with your schedule
  • Performance-based annual bonus plan, project-completion bonuses

Part time jobs at Wegmans interview venue

If interested in this position, Please join us at our Westwood location at the following dates and times for our hiring event: Monday. February 11th from 12pm-4pm.
Walk-ins are welcome, but it is preferred that you submit an application for the event in advance by visiting
Please check in at the service desk and you will be directed to the conference room.

Date Posted: 2019-01-29

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MyWegmansConnect Employee Login Portal |

MyWegmansConnect Employee Login Portal |
Mywegmanconnect employment portal serves as Human Resources. which is one of the main online portal, all employees can access this online employment information. MyWegmansConnect allows the Wegmans’ employees to manage and edit their staff account.

Once a person is hired as Wegmans staffs, they will be provided with a  temporary login details by the management at the time of joining. With the help of that mywegmansconnect employee login details they can log into Wegmans Connect. Once an employee is logged in, they can able to change their user ID and password is must at that time. Therefore, only Wegmans’ employees can access My Wegmans Connect. It is because there is no self-registration on this portal. 

MyWegmansConnect is very positive about the workers. Show all work-related information. Access to the schedule and billing unit has never been easier before using Wegmans Connect. This multifunctional website will help employees find the information they need.

When they want to report, they can visit this site. In addition, MyWegmansConnect is also useful for the company. The driver can easily handle the job. For example, they can check the work of their staff. They will be able to monitor how their employees work. So, they can be the most suitable solution for the company.

MyWegmansConnect Empolyee Login Portal |

MyWegmansConnect is an online portal for employees of the Wegmans group of companies. Only employees listed in the company directory and possessing a valid Wegmans email address can log on to the system.
wegmans login
wegmans login
If you are a Wegmans employee? then you only hire Wegmans, you should be in touch with Wegmans Connect. MyWegmansConnect is an online HR site. This portal connects you to the company's system. That's why you have the opportunity to have everything related to employment. For example, you can find your salary information. In addition, you can see other HR information. It is not necessary, therefore, to answer Wegmans HRD staff. Access to Wegmans Connect is enough to get the information you need.

If you want to see some work information, sign in to MyWegmansConnect. But make sure your company has given you your Wegmans username and password. That is, you can not register with Wegmans Connect. You have not found a registration button in the Wegmans Connect portal. Usually, you will receive your Wegmans password and user ID temporarily. Then you can continue the procedure to access your Wegmans account.

Go to Wegmans Connect website

If any employee want to access the of their own account of Wegmans conncet is by visiting MyWegmansConnectLogin page and sign. You have to enter the details which are required by the official website: in your browser. Then only, the employee is eligible to open his webmans account page.
Type MyWegmansConnect Username and Password.

Maybe a way to connect with Wegmans is different than with other websites. You only have to log in because you have to log in to the login page. But you must end your name with You can then go to the next page without entering your password. On the second page you see the background of vegetables. The site shows your full name on the previous page. You must therefore enter your WegmansConnect password.

Sign into your mywegmansconnect account Alternative method.

After entering the password, you can continue clicking on Sign In button. The next, you can explore your Wegmans account.
mywegmansconnect login
mywegmansconnect login

Its an every individual dream to become an employee of Wegmans’s team. Coz the company offers many advantages benefits to their employees. It must be a good feeling and the companies employee login portal helps to know the regular updates about the company. By the way, Wegmans Connect has a unique feature called Microsoft365 login which turns to Microsoft online portal. If you want to know the complete and details about how to use this feature, then here we go:
Mywegmansconnect login setup create new accoount
Mywegmansconnect login setup create new accoount

  • Enter the word exact word “MyWegmansConnect” by removing the [double quotes] in search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or maybe Bing
  • Or visit the website : or
  • Search the login page which looks like the above url
  • Enter the Temporary user name and password in login field
  • After that the mywegmansconnect login takes place it redirects to Microsoft Live page
  • fOnce you login with temp details Employees can change user ID and Pass later
  • When we have logged in, we will get some notifications from the managers of Wegmans
  • We can start to click the New Update For “My Wegmans Connect Login”
  • It is important to put our user name with
  • When you go to My Wegmans Connect you will see the following screen.
  • There's no need to enter your password. Just hit enter or tab.

Unable to Sign-in to MywegmansConnect?

Now, you will be logged in into your Wegmans Employee Portal account. In case if you are not able to access your account, then you can use the link “Can’t access your account?” that is available just below the “Sign In” button. Or, you can also create a new account from the same web page.

 Wegmans Employee benefits and its Stores

Having no Question, MyWegmansConnect online employee login portal offers many benefits. There is a direct access to many career and job opportunities in future, Payment information and any news updates in company is informed through this site like offers, events, discounts, time schedules and payment info on this link of www.MyWegmansConnect.Com all this is internally taken care by Microsoft 2018. Besides, we can get in touch using Microsoft 360. Presently it operates nearly 98 stores in different locations USA.
mywegmansconnect employee login
mywegmansconnect employee login

For the benefits which we will get once we are working with Wegmans, we should not have a doubt. As Wegmans becomes one of the best companies, it offers us various advantages for our bright future. It covers the healthy lifestyle for us, as follows:

Scholarships and bonus plans
Vision and dental plans
Different educational programs at a high level
Paid holiday leaves
Life Insurance
Medical coverage
Replacement of dependent care
Diagram of distance approvals
401k Retirement plan and savings
Health cost accounts

Wegmans (

Contact Details:

Main address:

1500 Brooks Avenue


Rochester,New York, United States



E-mail: [email protected]

- We have 97 stores located in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland and Massachusetts. For a complete list of our store locations,
- 100 Best Companies to Work For" list since the list first appeared in 1998. In 2018, the company was ranked No. 2, behind

List of Alumni:

John Wegman

Walter Wegman

Danny Wegman

History: Our roots go back to 1916, and we've hit many, many milestones that have gained attention in the supermarket industry since then. Here's more about the journey that took Wegmans from its beginnings to today.


Wegmans operates as supermarket, pharmacy, food restaurants and etc., is a regional supermarket chain with over 98 stores in different locations based on their demand in they are : 46 in New York, 17 in Pennsylvania, 9 in New Jersey, 11 in Virginia, 8 in Maryland, and 6 in Massachusetts.
wegmans food restaurant
wegmans food restaurant

 It is one of the largest private companies in the U.S. Wegmans has appeared on Fortune's annual "100 Best Companies to Work For" list since the list first appeared in 1998. In 2018, the company was ranked No. 2, behind
Open: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Phone: 1-800-WEGMANS
1500 Brooks Avenue, ,
Box 30844,,
Rochester, ,

Rating: 4.5 stars -
based on 1000 reviews


New York,




New Jersey,


Price Range: $$
Takes Reservations: Yes
See all wegmans stores in link

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Victra- Verizon Retailer SALES CONSULTANT - Part Time job in Keller, TX, USA

Victra- Verizon Retailer SALES CONSULTANT - Part Time job in Keller, TX, USA

What is it like to take charge of your career? Have you ever been empowered to learn and grow? Driven to win and be rewarded for your success? Come grow with Verizon's largest retail partner! Victra is almost 1,200 stores strong with a Corporate base located in Raleigh, NC. Join our network!
What is it like to take charge of your career? Have you ever been empowered to learn and grow? Driven to win and be rewarded for your success? Come grow with Verizon's largest retail partner! Victra is almost 1,200 stores strong with a Corporate base located in Raleigh, NC. Join our network!

For the 7th consecutive year, our growth has helped Victra to be recognized as #817 on Inc. Magazine's 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for 2017. Additionally, and for the 2nd consecutive year, Victra was named as the Top Retailer for Customer Satisfaction by Verizon Inc. 5000.

Sales Consultant at Victra - Part time jobs

Location:  Keller, TX,United States

Industry: Retail   

Occupational Category: Sales Consultant

Hours: Full-Time, Part time,

Salary: Hourly + Commission

Description: Victra is Verizon's most trusted retail partner in the United States. Victra - Verizon Premium Retailer company is currently hiring people for the post of Sales Consultant. People who are interested just go ahead to apply the job. 
Victra - Verizon

Victra- Verizon Retailer SALES CONSULTANT - Part Time job in Keller, TX
Victra- Verizon Retailer SALES CONSULTANT - Part Time job in Keller, TX

  • Retail Sales Consultants are responsible for selling a full range of telecommunications products and services to our guests in a professional and customer friendly approach. You will multitask, display basic math skills, have the flexibility to work retail hours, display excellent sales skills, and analytical skills. In addition, you are a highly-motivated individual who is eager and ready to accept additional responsibilities when needed.
  • Build tools according to specifications

Verizon Premium Retailer SALES CONSULTANT - Part Time job in Keller, TX


We're proud to be an equal opportunity employer - and celebrate our employees' differences, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or Veteran status. Different makes us better.

Educational requirements:
  • High School diploma, AA preferred
Experience requirements:
  • 1-2 years of experience in a retail sales environment preferred
Desired Skills:
  • Achieve personal sales goals as set by Store Manager and monthly commission plan
  • Represent the store in a positive manner while providing excellent customer service
  • Diligently learn all Victra/Verizon products and promotions and ensures your knowledge of these programs is current
  • Inspire customers to buy
  • Prepare sales contracts and accept and process payments from customers
  • Answer customers' queries or concerns
  • Provide advice to customers regarding all Victra/Verizon products and services
  • Advises customers on utilization and care of merchandise and products.
  • Maintain sales records for inventory control
  • Assist in display of merchandise and overall store presentation
  • Handle all returns courteously and professionally
  • Adhere to loss prevention and inventory control standards and all Victra policies and procedures
Physical Requirements:
  • Ability to lift up to 10 pounds
    Ability to stand for long periods of time(unless accommodations are required/requested for an employee under the ADA)
  • TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS will be given Up to 10%
  • Premium Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
    401K with company matching
    Paid Maternity Leave
    Discounts and offers to over 100,000 items from your favorite retailers
    Optimized training and career path
  • Based on the work incentives will be given

About Victra

Victra is the leading exclusive premium retailer for Verizon, including being honored as Agent of the Year in 2016. We don't just consider you as a customer -- we strive to treat you as our "guest" when you join us in any of our 1,145 convenient locations. Our knowledgeable and dedicated store consultants and managers offer a full range of wireless devices including phones, tablets, mobile broadband, wearable technology, accessories and product insurance. Getting the best performance for this technology matters, and Verizon delivers. Once again, the nation's most rigorous, independent study (RootMetrics®) has rated Verizon the #1 network in the United States. Verizon swept all six network categories for all of 2016 -- including reliability, data, speed, call, text and overall performance -- an industry first since testing began.


JD:Are you a positive, upbeat, passionate, ambitious, and determined? One that thrives in a rapidly changing environment? Are you looking for an opportunity to work within a growing retailer and inspired to make a difference? As one of Verizon's trusted retail partners, Victra is the largest premium retailer in the United States. We need Store Operations Consultants to work a part-time schedule to represent and expand our brand while building a fun and trusting environment for our guests.

Jobs @Victra - Keller, TX, USA

Victra Customer Service
Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM MT

If interested in this position, please email us your resume, along with salary requirements and a cover letter to [email protected] or find at below links:

Date Posted: 2019-01-29

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National Highways Authority of India NHAI Recruitment 2018 FINANCE [email protected]

National Highways Authority of India NHAI Recruitment 2018 FINANCE Jobs@India
Accounting/Budgeting/Marketing Jobs @Nhai

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), an Autonomous Body under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, invites applications for engagement of 70 YOUNG PROFESSIONALS (FINANCE) on contract basis for deployment in NHAI.  Such engagement shall be purely on contact basis. The number of posts advertised may increase or decrease at the discretion of the Authority.

National Highways Authority of India NHAI Recruitment 2018 Accounting/Marketing Jobs @India


Industry: National Highways Authority of India

Occupational Category: FINANCE - Accounting/Budgeting/Marketing

Hours: Contractual, 8 hours per day

Salary: Rs 60,000/-

Job Type: Central Government

Total Posts: 70 vacancies


NHAI India Degree Contract Jobs

Description: Central Government issued 70position @National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)..

National Highways Authority of India NHAI Recruitment 2018 FINANCE Jobs@India
National Highways Authority of India NHAI Recruitment 2018 FINANCE [email protected]

NHAI Recruitment 2018: National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has issued vacancies for as many as 70 posts for Young Professionals (Finance). The mode of jobs is contractual. Out of total 70 vacancies, 37 are UR category, 18, 10 and 05 posts have been reserved for Other Backward Class (OBC), Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs).

NHAI Recruitment 2018: Salary up to Rs 60k! National Highways Authority of India announces fresh jobs for young professionals

Educational requirements:

     Bachelor's Degree FINANCE (Commerce/ Accounts) .

Age:  below 32 years

Age limit: The age limit of the candidates should be below 32 years as on 11.12.2018. As per NHAI notification, the tenure of jobs will be up to 2 years in the first instance. The contract will be extended for one more year depending upon performance and NHAI’s requirements.

Salary and Education criteria: Salary for the Young Professionals will be Rs 60,000 per month, inclusive of all allowances. Willing candidates must have a degree in Commerce/ Accounts from a recognized university or must have ICAI/ICWAI/ MBA (Finance) from a recognized university or institute.

Desired Skills:

Candidates must have experience in Financial Accounting/Budgeting/Internal/Audit/Contract Management/Fund Management/Disbursement in Central Government or State government or Union Territories or Public Sector undertakings.

NHAI India Recruitment 2018 FINANCE jobs

Successful candidates will be posted in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Haryana & Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, North East Odisha, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal and Chattisgarh.

The last date and time for submission of online application is 11.12.2018 (6pm).

Apply Online : NHAI India
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